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wow - the kitchen is so great! it reminds me so much on my childhood :) we had a similar kitchencupboard, table &amp; chairs and nearly the same clock. i´ve often seen kitchen furniture like yours on german evil-bay and i think both, house and kitchen are original vero, lovely!! i also love the chairs on the patio!!<br /><br />thanks for your last comment with the tipps for my chair :) i ...

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Wie heißt es richtig: Dankeschön oder danke schön? Und sagt man Danke oder danke? Hier erfahren Sie, wie und wann man es richtig schreibt! Und heißt es jetzt richtig Dankeschön oder danke schön? King Arturo, ein User im Gute-Frage-Netzwerk, schreibt: „Warum schreiben das die meisten Dussel...

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How to say thank you in German. thank you. Ich danke Ihnen. Mir geht es gut danke schön.

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Yabla offers free German lessons derived from our German Learning videos. The German lessons cover grammar, expressions, verb conjugations, vocabulary, and more. The upper case exception Danke schön, which is recommended (but not required), can be used when expressions of gratitude...

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You really should work for the German tourist bureau. Your writing is always so informative and your pictures are stunning! I found the yellow flowers in this post interesting as we have similar ones here. <br /><br />I was reading through older posts earlier about your trip to Bavaria and those lovely lakes and waterfalls.

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Basic German Words Every Traveler Should Know . Yes – Ja (yah) No – Nein (nine) Thank you – Danke ( DAHN-kuh - not like the very popular Wayne Newton song) Please and You're welcome - Bitte (BITT-uh)

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Translate from German to English. Be it words, phrases, texts or even your website pages - Translate.com will offer the best.

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(Despite the best efforts of my tutors at the local VHS, after three and a half years in Germany, two and a bit years of classes here and three years in High School in my teens). One tutor used to tell me that I wrote German as though it were English at times; I can see the reverse in you - that&#39;s not meant as a criticism, though!

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Leute, Papier bringen! Danke schön, danke schön". (Can you bring me paper? Hallo, Paper I say. People, bring paper? Thank you, thank you) Then the Gijs family decided to also have their pet hippo help out with all the work to keep the park clean and in 2002 when the Efteling opened a new toddler area. Nijltje in het teiltje (Hippo in the washtub)

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Danke fürs teilen ... Thank you so much. ... Jolina folge ich auch schon lang auf Youtube und es ist irgendwie jedesmal spannend Ihrem Video zuzuschauen.
Danke schön. For the stats look the fifth picture. This park is free placeable. For this park a special thanks to GC Vos , Beardmonkey , Tomas13TO , soldyne , pdelmo , boformer ,Ronyx69 and Luis26x. Thank you on ALL modder that provide so beautiful trees and props. My parks would not look half as good without them ! I hope you like this park !
But brushing up on a few German phrases is a good idea. Saying guten tag or hallo for "hello," bitte for "please" and danke for "thank you" is a good way to show respect to locals.
We thank you, Lord! D.S. al ne GATHERIN G & SENDIN G Preview Edition #30127018. 496 ... German Danke schön dahn-kuh shuh(r)n Polish Dzi kuj jehn-koo-yeh Verse 2
How have you been? Mir geht es gut, danke. I am fine, thank you. Ich bin froh, Sie kennenzulernen. I am very glad to meet you. Es war nett, Sie kennenzulernen. It was nice meeting you. Ich verstehe nicht. I don't understand. Was haben Sie gesagt? What did you say? Können Sie langsamer sprechen? Can you speak more slowly? Einen schönen Tag noch!

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Ich danke Ihnen! I give you my thanks (formal) Ich danke dir! I thank you! (informal) Gott sei Dank Thank God. Vielen Dank im voraus Thank you in advance (typically used when asking for a favor) Vielen Dank (Grammar) We think that German is quite difficult and these 2 simple words are an good example of this. "Vielen Dank" is accusative.
Danke schön! Danke SCHÖN! DANKE SCHÖN!! (after Simple Twist Of Fate) A lot of people in America are concerned about Germany getting reunited. At times you got to remind people Hitler wasn't German at all! (before Masters Of War). Here's one of my early songs written for a guy that taught me a lot. (before Song To Woody). Thank you!! Aug 27, 2020 · German Gouvernement lies, about number of cases, lethality etc. They dont want the population start thinking how a globale finance collapse, or a imploding dollar + China on the edge of Hunger crisis (you dont know, i know….) ,may affect german (Export!!!) Economy…i am such a lucky guy.i will experience weimar 2.0, live…